The Beer Passport


The Post Office Vaults Beer Passport allows you to stamp off 200 of our regular bottled beers.
This give you a chance to work your way through some fantastic beers you might not normally have tried.


Upon completion of the passport you will be rewarded with the following:

1- A full crate of beer (choose your favourite from a list, coming soon)
2- A special Post Office Vaults t-shirt.
3- Your picture on a Wall of Fame (in the pub and online)


Terms & Conditions

Below is a list of terms that apply to the beer passport. We reserve the right to change these details at any time.

(Please note this is for over 18's only)

1- Each passport costs £2.50

2- You are responsible for keeping your passport safe. Any lost passports will not be replaced and the stamps will be lost with the passport. You cannot buy a new passport and ask for previously bought stamps.

3- We aim to keep the beers in stock at all times, however if a beer is unavailable we will be unable to give a stamp on that day.

4- There is no time limit to complete the passport. We do however reserve the right to withdraw the passport offer at any time.

5- The passport has no monetary value.

6- Passports cannot be swapped or resold.

7- We promote responsible drinking. If the management deems anyone to be drunk we reserve the right not to serve you or stamp your passport.

8- Any passports/stamps that are deemed to be forged will be made void and destroyed.

9- No refund on purchased passports will be given.



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